Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reading: My Life's Highest Calling

Question: What is my life's highest calling -- the way to merge Apollo, Odin, and the others into a coherent being?
Deck: The Steampunk Tarot
Spread: Three-Card Draw
Date: May 2, 2013
The Past
Page of Wands
Core meaning: Someone who is ready to try something new based on will, inspiration, or passion. When the Page of Wands peeks in your direction,take the time to mentor her. She has so much natural ability and passion. She needs a bit of confidence—and maybe a little safety net—and she’ll blossom. Perhaps she will grow into a powerful ally or supportive friend. In helping her find her confidence, you’ll rediscover a little about your own.

The Present
Five of Wands
Core meaning: Conflict. The Five of Wands is the element of fire at its most unpredictable and therefore most dangerous. There are too many unknowns and chaotic variables to make rational decisions. If you find yourself in this situation, fight if you must, but if possible, pull out of the fray. The sooner the situation ceases to be fed, the sooner it can die down. Once the energy stabilizes, you can assess the situation and move ahead more rationally.

The Future
VII • The Chariot
Core meaning: The triumph of will in difficult circumstances. If it is your turn to drive the chariot, you will find yourself wanting to move in a certain direction. You will be confident in that decision. Getting started will be the hardest part. Things are going to conspire against you, or so it will seem. You have the skills and knowledge necessary to harness those contrary energies and head them in the right direction. Once you are moving, there won’t be much that can stop you until you reach your goal.
Journal: The progression appears to be from a new fiery youth, through a raging conflict, into a disciplined synthesis. And this pattern I've seen played out many times in my own self development. But there's no way to see how to synthesize everything ahead of time. It's a matter of working with what's there, and with what arises.

So the proper question to be asking now is, what is arising? How can it be integrated?

Indications are that it's the bear I should be looking to again...

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