Monday, July 4, 2011

Reading, Midsummer to Lughnasadh 2011

Last night I did a couple of readings. It's been a crazy-busy June, and though I intended to do more meditation and grounding, that really didn't happen. I have done a lot more exercise, and have been eating reasonably, considering everything; but the travel and business have taken its toll. You can tell, because I'm doing this midsummer centering about two weeks late. :-)

I asked two main questions:


How can I achieve optimum health?

5 of Vajras | The Sun | Karma / Justice

5 Vajras.The healer, one who heals, ability to heal.

The Sun.Union of conscious and subconscious; bringing the subconscious to light; dispelling illusions.

Karma / Justice.
Freedom; break with the past; also, at one with divine law & justice. Right action that is earned and deserved.

I wasn't clear on this (of course), so I meditated. Basically, the meaning is this: the healer (5 Vajras) is the body itself. The conscious/subconscious union (the Sun) is learning to hear the body and respond as a single organism. The right action, the divine law (Karma) is the action and law of the body itself.

The MeditationIn meditation, I met a goddess; she identified herself only as the "Goddess of the Body". She had tight, curly, ruddy-brown hair, wore a toga, and had black eyes with star-specks, like Apollo. I met her by an open pool, edged with marble; I had a sense that there was a forest of some kind behind me -- the Forest of Branching Paths, I think. She took a large clay pitcher and kindly gave me a drink from the pool (nb: I was thirsty). The pool was connected to a bunch of others in a rough representation of the body, or at least a spinal column. Water flowed from one pool to another down a gently sloping hill. At the top of the hill was a temple of sorts, with a throne for the goddess, open to the air; there were many birds throughout. Not sure where this 'fits' in my internal landscape; more later, doubtless. She seemed friendly, but a little impatient with my inability to connect with her strongly.

In other words, I need a tighter connection with my body's messages, and it will tell me what I need. In particular, I need to ask the body what I should eat, RELEASING ALL EXPECTATION -- otherwise I'll color it with expectation or desire and drown it out. There should be no pressure to eat what I 'should' eat, or what I 'shouldn't' eat; just let it be what it is.

I think the 'releasing expectation' thing is the key; and focusing on the Goddess's face may help me out here, too. That seems to help me focus and 'hear' the body. But I'll need to try it, practice it, to see how it goes.

Another note here: I think it's most important to keep track of what I'm eating on average. When my average raw % climbs up into the 60-70% range, that's when I start losing weight.


Tell me about work / life balance, and advice for the coming weeks (ie between now and Lughnasadh).

Garuda (Animal of Double Vajras) | The Fool | The Sun

I had no idea what this was about -- except that the Garuda appeared before when I was working on setting boundaries, so it was great that it returned to help me again. I dipped into meditation immediately.

The Garuda I returned to the Garuda's eyrie, and he led me up on past it along the staircase up the World Tree. To my surprise, we went just a bit further and the stairway petered out and faded away. Going beyond this point, he said, you have to fly (ie relying on another spirit generally in my case, or merging with Apollonian energy in some way) or build the staircase (which requires extraordinary focus on a particular goal). This is

The Fool...Launching yourself without a goal in mind, or without a firm grounded center, leaves you without a staircase. The Garuda said that when scheduling, or setting boundaries in life (whether in time or in personal relationships) it's important not to build fences, but to create centers. The edges will take care of themselves if you make the centers solid. So instead of saying "I'll work on the novel between 830 and 1030", say, "I'll center my novel work around 930." And instead of saying, "no", you focus your activities on what's important, and the other matters will fit around them -- or not.

The SunThe Garuda flew me up into the branches of the World Tree to visit some of the worlds there. We came to the 'higher' world I think is associated with my fiction writing career, and I realized that the reason I can never see things 'properly' up there is that I'm short -- I'm literally a child.

I don't think I've described this 'world' in detail before, except to mention it briefly here. Basically it's a whole 'nother landscape at a 'higher vibration' than the old one; it's usually very misty, and the colors less vivid. Also, as I mentioned, it's harder to 'see' things; and I have less freedom of movement. It makes sense that I am a 'child' here -- I can't see the tops of things or around them without a lot of work, and there are some areas I simply can't go at all.

There are two areas here I've explored. One is the Delta area, which I've described before. If I get on a boat on the sea here, I'll arrive at the second area. This is a wooded region (pine trees I think mostly, with a forest floor coated with pine needles -- I think it's influenced by the area around my grandparents house in Norwood) inhabited by beings I think of as 'elves', with slate-white robes; some are bearded, some have long white or blond hair; they are kindly, and they care for me. They have a home, or complex of homes, here in the trees, which are much like the house at Rivendell in the movie LotR. A perfect place for relaxing and recuperating; and I get a sense that part of my spirit spends a fair bit of time here, doing just that. There are rooms with cozy fires, and somewhere in it I have a small bedroom where they often tend to me...

By the lake, the complex of homes has a dock or pier area, made of marble. I do not know if vessels ever visit here.

Beyond the forest is an open meadow (again, a lot like Norwood) with a complex 'henge' of large white stones. It is definitely astrological in pattern. In the center of it is a tall white stone, which I think has carvings on it -- though the mists are always thick here, and I can never visit without my tall white guardians. The tall white stone is directly 'above' Apollo's temple below.

Beyond that, I can't see much of the landscape. I get the impression of forests and mountains beyond the meadow in the direction of Air, and away towards Fire I think there are bona fide deserts, perhaps with tall stony towers like one finds in the American southwest, but I'm not sure. I know it is a region of horse somehow.