Friday, May 24, 2013

Factory Man

At work with Savanah, but work is an industrial site at some docks, very dangerous. I think I program the robots that do the work. I'm concerned fr savanahs safety, not just because of the industrial stuff, but because of my co-workers -- I don't trust them. At one point Savsnah casually steps into an elevator heading for another floor, and I barely manage to stop it before the door closes. I grab her out and hold her close, telling her she must be careful and stay by me. She's sorry.

Later I'm eating a meal with my co-workers; I think they're an amalgamation of people from GD and Nuance. It's turtle soup, and we're chatting and having the empty conversations people have at work. And even later we're driving somewhere in a limo, dressed rather formally. All I remember is that I'm not having a great time. :)

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