Monday, April 29, 2013


I've noticed that sometimes I 'hear' voices in my head when I'm in a very quiet place, and letting my mind empty. I think I'm 'hearing' part of my 'dreaming mind' in a way. Here's a sample. Note we've been watching a lot of old Frasier episodes this spring:

Frasier: once you get some soundproofing on these walls I will move to Scotland.

Niles: Frasier, can you ever forgive me? I've been such a boorish lout. 
Frasier: oh, don't worry about it Niles. 

Someone unknown: don't bother me with that now. Leave me alone. I'm going after my daughter.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Running in the Gardens

I can only remember the tail end of what I think was a very long, involved dream... My children and I and Ali were dashing around the grounds of some kind of huge beautiful mansion. The grounds were filled with topiary and marble statuary, sidewalks and steps and so on. We were running from someone, I think; there was definitely urgency. We were waiting for a chance to go in the mansion and watch a movie. I remember watching the trailer at one point with them; it was going to be a Disney animated murder mystery, and for me the most interesting thing would be the animation, which was supposed to be nearly photorealistic motion capture. Finally near the end of the dream we got into the mansion and were going up a huge marble spiral staircase to see the movie. Fiona was so excited. :) I miss them.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Homeless Zombies

Woke up twice from nightmares. I don't remember much:

1. Zombie attack: the zombies appeared very earthy, almost like shambling human sculptures made of colored clay. Woke up breathing heavily.

2. Homeless attack: going to my car in the night, homeless people all over the place, feeling nervous; returned to car to find a helpless-looking homeless old lady in it; freaked out and started huffing and puffing to try and blow her out...! Woke up breathing heavily again.

3. After a final sleep, remember something about making Alison scrambled eggs with whipped cream. It wasn't turning out well... Turns out you can't really scramble whipped cream. :)