Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lughnasadh 2012

It's been a lovely Lughnasadh, with a full moon coinciding and a heartwarming ritual put together and conducted by Alison. I've been meditating more this past week and gradually getting back into the swing of Seattle life, and reconnecting with my various gods and guides.

This morning in meditation I talked to various guides about various things...

ODIN I had not spoken to since I started exploring the upper landscape. He apparently has taken up residence in the topmost chamber of a tower in the City of the Sidhe, and he's sitting there, drawing maps... Preparing the ground I'll be walking, apparently. I tried to look over his shoulder, and it looked like he was working on coastline up Air and Water of the central sea. He was in an excellent mood.

Anyway, Alison is not in the mood for me to be writing, so I'll be rushing through this... ;-)

Asked him about my writing. He said my goals were doable, as long as I held them lightly; he suggested I get up early and do my writing first thing -- ie get up and on the road 6am, at work by 7, write until 9. Do that before you do anything else...

GREAT BEAR I talked to about health. She said 'eat what I eat': fruit, nuts, fish. Sounds good. And bike three times a week. Otherwise -- I'm in great shape, she said. And indeed, this morning, I'd finally lost a bit of weight. (Fat % went up, though. Anyway...)

AMAZON'S ANDROID actually took me to a tower in the realm of the Garuda, where Jeff Bezos (not 'really' him, I'm sure) chatted with me. For my career at Amazon, he suggested working more on carving out a niche as a linguist. Specific action items:

  • Offer to give some tech talks / brown bags on discourse and predicate modeling from a linguistics point of view.
  • Start some linguistics reading groups. Are there books people might be interested in reviewing with you?
  • See about going to some linguistics conferences to catch up on recent research.

ALISON: here things were more vague; it seemed like she was wandering in some extremely high mountains past the Tangled Wood, trying to find her way, but it was misty and difficult. But I was being carried by an eagle, so I could see everything. The eagle sometimes carried her, too. I was able to locate a map and give that to her, so maybe that will help...

CHILDREN: I asked for a guardian / guide to help them out, and got a huge white crow taller than me. I gave it food and white pearls of gratitude, and it seemed to come more alive as I did so. I asked it to keep an eye on the kids, to tell me how things were going, and to guard them and protect them. It agreed and took me to see where they were in my landscape. They were in the middle of a desert (them and Emily and Jeremy) and were desperately working to make a little oasis there. The only water flowing in was salty, so they had to work hard to clean the water, and everything that grew there was stunted.