Monday, May 20, 2013

Green Faces and Asphalt Skyscrapers

A man (robot?) on the tv news with a green face. I think maybe I work for the tv news, that I'll have to get a green face too. Shortly afterwards im walking to work along a highway, my car is gone or broken.

Wake up, fall asleep again. In a new city, built on islands. I'm back in my car, it's just been fixed I think; testing it in a parking lot before taking it back on the highway. Discussing with someone how the highway system was design by an architect who was acclaimed at the time, but is now controversial. It rises and falls in great skyscrapers of asphalt and steel. Driving on it I can see the city, it's basically a desert with a few tall trees, the homes are mansion-sized, tall and thin, with lots of glass, away from the coast. Near the coast they're short, stubby earthen structures. To allow the mansions to have a nice view? The green face: I dialogued with him in meditation. He says he had to get the green face -- to become a robot -- so that people would trust him. The Green Machine. The idea is that people stop trusting each other; they only trust things that are predictable -- machines. Thus in capitalism, you can only trust people who are greed-driven, because only they are acting predictably. In corporate culture, people act shallow and greedy so that people will trust them. I had another dream about the color green a couple of days later, but could barely remember it -- something to do with a little shop selling green things.

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