Monday, February 21, 2011

A Reading on Profession

This reading was concerning my profession -- how I make my living. I know what I want to do: write! The question is, how to I transfer from Yap to writing full-time? I did a three-card reading:

Sakti of Lotuses, the World, the Future Emperor.

The flow of energy was very clearly right-to-left, starting with the Emperor, moving through the World, and ending with the Sakti of Lotuses. General reading is: Go for it. Draw back your bow and shoot. The World is ready and waiting for you. She gestures towards the union of opposites, the Sakti of Lotuses, the breath of the Lotus Buddha.

This is the second time that the Sakti of Lotuses has come up (referenced as "Queen Lotus" in the Imbolc Reading). In that reading, I took it to mean Druid Journal (as opposed to Pagan+Politics or Mere America). Since that time, I have felt new life breathed into Mere America by the prospect of publishing it in sections as an e-book. What this reading is saying, though, is that Druid Journal is still an essential part of making my writing pay: it is the largest platform on which I can build anything, and represents a foundation that synthesizes all of my interests. If Mere America is going to get a lot of readers, it's going to have to be launched with rocket fuel from there.

I asked about more information concerning the World card, and got this:

Horse (Animal of Jewels), the Eight of Jewels, and the Fool.

Reading: Focus on skilled action as a yoga, as a healthy practice. This will lead you away from the Fool, who leaps without looking, and towards the great horse who carries the jewels.

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