Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pool in the Woods

Did a meditation tonight -- no cards or anything, just sitting and meditating. I thought vaguely of trying to contact the "Star Lady" of Appalachia, or asking Apollo about the "Eclipse" of my earlier meditation, but instead I was drawn downward. I started in the Forest of Branching Paths and took a path that led down from the main ridge into a valley. Where the path bottomed out, there was a marshy area and a pool of clear water running between damp mossy banks. I felt there was the presence of a woman here, some forest spirit of kind, but I could not see her clearly.

I felt drawn to find the source of the water, so I followed it up a little ways. It almost immediately dwindled to a trickle, bubbling out of a small close damp cave in the side of the hill. The sexual symbolism was not lost on me, especially with the presence of the woman still nearby. I still felt called into the cave, so I went deeper, until I was well in. The walls were wet and mossy and the smell was of rich earth and lush growth. There were flowers here, too -- small star-shaped pink things.

I felt like there was something I was supposed to do... I couldn't figure out what, for a while, until I decided to leave a gift. I reached into my heart and drew out a flower -- a lily, of course. I placed it right by the small crack where the spring emerged from the rock. To my surprise, the flower grew roots and attached itself there, and immediately began to grow.

Meaning: not sure, but I think it has to do with the fertility between Ali and I, and the possibility of us having 'children' -- not literal children, but children of the spirit or of craft. I'm a little excited about that possibility. We've successfully worked on projects before -- just yesterday I helped her with her new web site, for example. In a way, actually, our wedding is our first 'child' together. That's a nice thought.

Anyway, I didn't get a sense that I was to do anything about it; it was just a message Spirit had for me. I'll keep it in mind...

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