Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Penczak's Outer Temple -- Starting Out

Feb 14, 2013  9:35 PM  

Did exercise three with Alison. We used the candle on a cube altar on the floor, and burned incense. I felt a bit disconnected throughout, but not too bad. We first tried drawing the circle physically, walking around the ritual area; then we did silent visualization, and finally visualization while describing aloud. Alison did particularly awesome at the last one -- it made it very easy for me to visualize it. I may have felt that circle most strongly.  Physically walking out the circle certainly worked better than visualizing it silently. 
Then we practiced gathering our personal energy in balls in our hands, expanding and contracting them. We couldn't really feel a temperature change while we were doing it, but afterwards our hands were strangely warm, and Alison said she felt strange energy in her hands. 
The plan is to try drawing energy from the three realms when we're out walking over the next few days. 

February 19, 2013  

Ex. 4: Motivations

Ali and I talked about our motivations for this work. I wanted to create beauty both inside and out, and connected with that, I wanted to do more ritual work. There is a connection between the beauty of the means and the beauty of the ends which I want to learn more about. Ali talked about wanting to develop her sense of aesthetic and create a more regular ritual practice. 

Ex. 5: Intention Ritual

The ritual was short and sweet; it began with setting up symbols of the four realms plus spirit candle, then getting into ritual meditative state, weaving the circle of protection. Then we read our statements of motivation (generally what we said in ex. 4, plus asking the gods to help us) and meditated. I called on Odin, Bison, Bee, and Bear, and then visited them. The place I went was a forested area in the upper landscape, a river with many great rocks. Odin and the others were up on a small Carrock-like stone in the water. I had a little trouble seeing them properly -- I think I just need more practice -- but they were quite clearly there, along with others, rather unexpectedly -- such as Salmon, Bel, and even Bridget.  Bridget in particular teased me about not inviting her, though I don't think she was really angry.  Then I said look, I've asked you all here for a reason; I'm willing to learn whatever you have to teach me, but there are five primary goals in my life and they're non-negotiable: health, work, writing, Alison, kids. They agreed, some with better grace than others, and each took a realm to assist me:
 - Health: Bison
 - Work: Odin
 - Writing: Bear
 - Alison: Bridget (also spellcraft in particular)
 - Kids: Bee
Bridget also reminded me of the link between my relationship with Alison and spellcraft, and the extent to which they arose in my life simultaneously, and how they can be woven together fruitfully.

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